文化.png  化理念  —— Cultural Ideas


Wu Xiaobo Channel adheres to the concept of paying attention to pan-finance and economy, focusing on the new middle class, and rejecting the dissemination of Diaosi culture. Committed to the analysis of business phenomena, the transmission of a new business perspective.

网络传播.png  传播载体  —— Communication Vector

吴晓波频道APP则是由最初单一的自媒体公众号,所发展出的及音频视频、线下培训、商业社群等多种产品结合的媒体频道。 吴晓波频道APP以新中产人群为目标,聚焦一线城市,锁定80、90后一批中坚人群,汇聚社会精英力量。 


Wu Xiaobo Channel APP is a media channel developed from the original single self-Media public number, which combines audio and video, offline training, business community and other 

products. Wu Xiaobo channel APP aims at new middle-class people, focusing on first-tier cities, targeting a group of backbone people after 80 and 90, and gathering social elite forces.

App of Wu Xiaobo Channel pays attention to the practicability of knowledge. Through big data + interview and research, it deeply understands the characteristics and needs of new middle-

class people, and customizes practical courses focusing on solving problems for this part of the population. App is divided into four parts, providing new knowledge and skills needed by the

 new middle class in work and life from four aspects of wealth, workplace, family and insight. Through the combination of online courses and social training camps, students can further study

 online and offline, and establish a sound knowledge system in a short time.


会员.png  浙江会员中心  —— Zhejiang Membership Center


As the exclusive operator of Wu Xiaobo Channel in Zhejiang, we are committed to promoting and expanding the influence of Wu Xiaobo Channel in Zhejiang. Establishing Wu Xiaobo Channel's community center in Zhejiang Province, we believe that we can go further with each other in the community, and that the community can help more enterprises grow their capabilities in organization. Success must be accomplished by man. Where there is no miracle, we should build an unknown miracle.


   我们诚邀您加入我们的团队  ——  We sincerely invite you to join our team  公众、群众.png

1 / 理解知识付费新经济,并愿与吴晓波频道共同成长;

Understanding the new knowledge-paying economy and willing to grow with Wu Xiaobo Channel;

2 / 有能力组织开展城市会,读书会等多种线下活动,具有策划活动的经验;

Ability to organize and carry out city clubs, reading clubs and other offline activities, with experience in planning activities;

3 / 具有一定资金实力的团队,有合法经营的公司主体者优先;

Teams with a certain amount of capital strength, the main body of the company with legal operation is preferred;

4 / 具备丰富的教育培训机构资源、当地政企客户资源、金融保险资源、书店咖啡店等渠道资源,有知识付费合伙经验者优先。

With rich resources of educational and training institutions, local government and enterprise customer resources, financial and insurance resources, bookstore and coffee shop and other channels, knowledge-based paid partnership experience is preferred.


权益.png  四大特殊权益  ——  Four Special Rights and Interests 

销售代理权 Sales Agency / 获得吴晓波频道App所有知识付费产品的浙江省内的销售代理权。

收入分成权 Right of Income Sharing / 获得课程收入分成、ToB政企服务的利润分成。

品牌使用权 Brand usufruct / 获得授权可免费使用品牌举办线下活动以及实体空间经营等。

超额奖励权 Excess reward right / 获得激励分成和经营目标外的超额奖励。


核心.png  五大核心优势 ——  Five Core Advantages


品牌优势 Brand Advantage 


Wu Xiaobo Channel, as the largest financial and economic self-Media in China, provides daily financial and business information for the new middle-class people by combining audio, video and column. We have also developed a metropolitan area covering nearly 80 cities across the country, with a high degree of user viscosity and activity.

产品优势 Product Advantage


Wu Xiaobo Channel App, from the wealth, workplace, family, insight into the four major sectors, through the curriculum + training camp, so that students online and offline in-depth learning, in a short time to establish a sound knowledge system.

讲师优势 Lecturer Advantage  


Through big data and interviews, we deeply understand the characteristics and needs of the new middle-class population. At the same time, a large number of industry head lecturers were gathered to accurately perspective professional knowledge and pertinently Polish practical courses focusing on problem solving.

用户优势 User advantage  


After five years of precipitation of high quality content, we have gathered a large number of new middle-class people in finance, economy, consumer market and enterprise management. They are advocates of high-quality consumption and head target users of consumer upgrading.

资源优势 Resource Advantage  


We have a vast resource advantage in the field of self-Media and finance and business, and have formed more than 40 head communities in various vertical fields.


资源 73.png  线下资源包括  —— Offline resources include


Investigate the past and pay tribute to the future of the New Year speech "Wu Xiaobo year-end show";


Discusses how entrepreneurs can transform and upgrade in the new business era.


Wu Xiaobo and his economic friends gathered at the "Mid-Year Economic Forum" and so on.


群众.png  协同社群包括  —— Collaborative communities include


Focus on the "Enterprise Investment Conference" which combines production and finance, and the "New Craftsman Acceleration Plan" which gathers new craftsmen and new national products.